Day 3 & Day 4 & Day 5

I decided that my quiz will be consisted of 14 questions (in honor of the 14 days).

Before I was contemplating on how I should design the quiz in order to get a fairer result. I will be basing the questions off major events in American history and Asian-American history. Only seems fair right?


Hopefully you can understand the reason for my parings. The only thing I’m not too sure about is Civil War vs LA Riots. Perhaps I will talk to Professor Berney about that. I tried paring events that were similar to each other in some sort of aspect. I got in total 10 major events, 5 from each side. We have:

Ellis Island vs Angel Island

  • Both were immigration islands, Ellis was for “Whites” and Angel was for Asians, People at Ellis were able to get through faster while people at Angel were detained for months or years

Civil War vs LA Riots

  • Both were internal fights in America between two opposite sides

Jim Crow Laws vs Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Jim Crow Laws were against African-Americans, Chinese Exclusion Act was against Chinese in America

World War II: Holocaust vs Japanese Interment Camps

  • Forced people of a certain race/religion to live in camps, separated from society, treated like the enemy

Rosa Parks vs Vincent Chin

  • Rosa Parks’s actions led to a wave of African-American movements, Vincent Chin’s death lead to a wave of Asian-American movements



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