Apology by Plato

Socrates comes across to me as a confident man. He was never afraid to question people and their expertise nor was he scared while he was being convicted in court. Most people would be having an anxiety attack or doing their best to seem innocent of their charges, but Socrates is calm and even questions the court/accusers of their choices and beliefs. Perhaps Plato portrays Socrates this way because one needs to be strong and confident to be the deviation from society. Socrates has a different mind-set than most of the townspeople and if Plato portrayed him as some crazy man running around town asking questions to people, we (the reader) would have a hard time understanding his reasoning. We’d just be wondering why we’re reading a story about a crazy man.

Socrates main opponent/accuser is Meletus. Socrates was charged for corrupting the minds of the youth as well as being atheist.

It seems like Socrates values open-mindness (if that is even a word). Everyone just seems to accept things for the way they are (seeing how the fact that they grew up like that) and won’t even budge to a new idea. The scholars believe they know everything about what there is to know about their profession and when Socrates questions them, they have nothing to say. The fact that there could be more to what we know or little to what we know. Its about willing to change, accepting, and keeping an open mind to all possibilities out there.

When the oracle said Socrates was the wisest man, I believe it meant to what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. The fact that Socrates does not acknowledged himself to be wise and looks for someone else. Those who are wise do not usually acknowledged themselves to be wise. Socrates is wise because he is willing to accept different ideas and all different possibilities. He is not afraid to challenge society nor willing to conform like most people have.


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  1. Apryl Berney says :

    Responses #2 & #3 needed to be more thorough.

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