Major Post #4: Freakum Dress

Daniel: Hello Crystal, can you tell me what your favorite piece of garment is?
Crystal: What do you mean?
D: Um, garment as in your favorite outfit.
C: My favorite outfit would have to be my prom dress.
D: Can you describe it to me?
C: Its a halter dress. Most of the fabric is cream. However, the halter and the front lace is black. Oh! The dress is knee length.
D: Send me a picture later hahaha.
C: Will do.
D: So why is this your favorite outfit?
C: This dress is my favorite because I won Prom Queen in it and that night was really magical.
D: Oh really? What attracted you to this outfit and to wear it that night?
C: I was searching over a month for a prom dress and I couldn’t find one until two weeks before prom. It caught my eye because it wasn’t a typical prom dress where it was super long and I really liked the colors too.
D: Where did purchase the dress?
C: Macy’s.
D: How much did you buy it for?
C: Roughly $85? Its the most I’ve ever spent on a dress!
D: Hahaha, no way. I think that’s pretty cheap when it comes to prom dresses these days.
C: I guess I got lucky..
D: Are there any accessories that you like to wear with this dress? Like what did you have on that night with the dress? Necklace? Shoes? Hair?

C: I didn’t wear a necklace because I couldn’t find one that would match the halter style. I wore Jacqueline Ferrar shoes, which were the same style of my dress, but in lace. They were the most I’ve ever spent on shoes too haha. As for my hair, it was curled completely from my roots to my end. It made my hair seem short because normally I have long hair.
D: Oh inter-
C: Wait! You can’t forget my crown hahaha. 🙂
D: Hahaha definitely!


Alison Laurie says, “.. clothes are acquired, used and discarded just as words are, because they meet our needs and expresses our ideas and emotions”. Fashion is about making a statement whether you purposely plan your outfit for the day or wake up in the dark and throw something on. Everyday the outfit we wear says something about us. By planning your outfit out you’re saying, “I care about how I look and how people perceive me” or by throwing on something random, “I just woke up and I’m lazy to care about anything right now”. No matter what angle you look at it from, its a statement. Laurie uses the comparison of words and clothes because you’re expressing yourself. Instead of using words, you use clothes. We learn new words to express how we’re feeling just as


we buy new clothes to say something about ourselves. As for Crystal’s case, she went out searching for a prom dress that would make a statement, “I’m here to have fun for the night because it’s our last time as seniors”, but also “There is a possibility that I could be prom queen so I need to find a winning dress”. The dress “reflects what we are or want to be at [that] moment [that it] will be purchased and worn”. Not only the dress, but hairstyles, accessories, jewelry, and make up are apart of “vocabulary of fashion”. For example, if someone wears a scarf on a windy days it creates the word; cold. If they pair that up with with some jeans and ugg boots; really cold. Finally if they wear a eskimo jacket with all of that, it says; I’m freezing. It is the look that makes the statement, but it is the shirts, pants, shoes, accessories that create the statement.

Thousands of clothes are produced everyday and you rarely see someone with the same outfit as you because people mix-and-match different shirts, pants, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, etc, to say something about them. Fashion matters because it is a way of describing ourselves non-verbally. It give a glimpse to people who you are and what you’re all about, which equals a statement.


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  1. Apryl Berney says :

    OMG u referenced a Beyonce song for your title. Amazing.

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