14 Days Project Plan

In my Major Post #3, I describe/talk about how there is a lack of ethnic studies (specifically Asian-American). I pointed out how in middle and high school we learn things from a “white perspective”  and how when it does come to Asian history, it is either shorted, sugar-coated, or ignored. The thing is I could just sit there and talk about how all of this is happening, but why not actually see if this is true?

For my project, I wanted to go back to my high school and quiz 14 different Asian-American students about history. I wanted to quiz them on stuff from that you would see in a high school history book (white perspective) and then quiz them on Asian-American history to see how much they really know.

The set of questions I hope to answer are: Are we teaching ethnic studies in school? How well are we doing it? If there is a lack of ethnic studies, how does it affect students? Why is there a lack of ethnic studies? What can we do to incoperate more ethnic studies into high schools?

I hope to document these interviews/quizzes by video.


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Daniel Nguyen. 19. De Anza College Student. HUMI01: Creative Minds

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    286/300 is your total on major posts.

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