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14 Days Project Plan

In my Major Post #3, I describe/talk about how there is a lack of ethnic studies (specifically Asian-American). I pointed out how in middle and high school we learn things from a “white perspective”  and how when it does come to Asian history, it is either shorted, sugar-coated, or ignored. The thing is I could just sit there and talk about how all of this is happening, but why not actually see if this is true?

For my project, I wanted to go back to my high school and quiz 14 different Asian-American students about history. I wanted to quiz them on stuff from that you would see in a high school history book (white perspective) and then quiz them on Asian-American history to see how much they really know.

The set of questions I hope to answer are: Are we teaching ethnic studies in school? How well are we doing it? If there is a lack of ethnic studies, how does it affect students? Why is there a lack of ethnic studies? What can we do to incoperate more ethnic studies into high schools?

I hope to document these interviews/quizzes by video.


Implicit Association Test


Race Test Results:

Gender Test Results:This was actually my first time taking the Implicit Association Test, but it was not my first time seeing it. The test was pretty overall simple. My results for the race test was that I had little to no automatic preference between European Americans and African Americans, while my gender test said I had a slight association of females with career and males with family.

I thought was interesting the way they made you take the test. For me it felt like because I my mind already memorized clicking one way, it was a little difficult for me to click the other way. My fingers and brain already had the motions down and when it switch sometimes I would forget that they had switch. I don’t think it was because I associated one group with one term and another group with another term. It could be my “underlying conscious” coming out, but for me it just felt like a game more than a test. I already knew that I didn’t have a preference between European Americans and African Americans because I’m not one to judge by someone’s color of skin. What surprised me though was the association of females with career and males with family. I don’t know if I actually think that way because it should be equal for me and perhaps it was just the mistake I made during the test.