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Superhero – Woojin

Woojin was just your average and ordinary boy, maybe a little more than ordinary. He was a very shy and quiet boy growing up, which many people mistook that as him being weird. He would always be left out of the social events, but he didn’t mind. For the most part he grew up with a very normal life; having a family (father, mother, and two sisters) and attended elementary and middle school. He wasn’t a brilliant genius or anything of the sort. He received average grades with the occasional almost straight A’s. It wasn’t until high school when things started to change.

With the help of his sister, he became more active and outgoing by joining clubs and going to different events. People began seeing him in a different light. However, with any amount of popularity, there is always someone who will be the deviation. There was a small group of guys who didn’t like Woojin for whatever reason they had and they felt like they had to teach him a lesson. Woojin was walking to his locker one day after school in the empty halls when all of sudden, everything went black. When he woke up, he was tied to a tree surrounded by the boys. Woojin looked at his surrounding and he saw that he was a abandoned park. The park was abandoned because a company near by had thrown their toxic waste into the park and the state declared that it was unsafe for people to be there due to the large amount of radiation. The boys were chuckling and talking about who was going to get the first punch, when one of the boys lit up a cigarette. Woojin had never been in a situation like this before and was scared. The boys began lining up and the one who was smoking tossed his cigarette near a puddle. At that moment there was a gentle breeze that blew the cigarette into the puddle filled with flammable toxic. A fire began to spread around the area and the boys began to panic. They decided it was best just to get out of there, leaving Woojin behind. Woojin began to panic and tried to untie himself from the tree. By the time he was able to free himself, the fire was consuming the park and the only safe he could find was inside a circular slide. There was the explosion of chemicals right when he got inside. A few days later he began to feel different changes in his body and it wasn’t until one day in the shower he was able to move the water around. He could turn the water into ice, bend the water at his will. This was amazing. Overtime his powers grew and he was able to control fire, earth, and air.

After graduation, he took a year off from college and traveled to third world countries. He began using his elemental powers to help those in need by provided clean food, water, and shelter. He was the secret hero that no one ever knew about.


Implicit Association Test


Race Test Results:

Gender Test Results:This was actually my first time taking the Implicit Association Test, but it was not my first time seeing it. The test was pretty overall simple. My results for the race test was that I had little to no automatic preference between European Americans and African Americans, while my gender test said I had a slight association of females with career and males with family.

I thought was interesting the way they made you take the test. For me it felt like because I my mind already memorized clicking one way, it was a little difficult for me to click the other way. My fingers and brain already had the motions down and when it switch sometimes I would forget that they had switch. I don’t think it was because I associated one group with one term and another group with another term. It could be my “underlying conscious” coming out, but for me it just felt like a game more than a test. I already knew that I didn’t have a preference between European Americans and African Americans because I’m not one to judge by someone’s color of skin. What surprised me though was the association of females with career and males with family. I don’t know if I actually think that way because it should be equal for me and perhaps it was just the mistake I made during the test.



Apology by Plato

Socrates comes across to me as a confident man. He was never afraid to question people and their expertise nor was he scared while he was being convicted in court. Most people would be having an anxiety attack or doing their best to seem innocent of their charges, but Socrates is calm and even questions the court/accusers of their choices and beliefs. Perhaps Plato portrays Socrates this way because one needs to be strong and confident to be the deviation from society. Socrates has a different mind-set than most of the townspeople and if Plato portrayed him as some crazy man running around town asking questions to people, we (the reader) would have a hard time understanding his reasoning. We’d just be wondering why we’re reading a story about a crazy man.

Socrates main opponent/accuser is Meletus. Socrates was charged for corrupting the minds of the youth as well as being atheist.

It seems like Socrates values open-mindness (if that is even a word). Everyone just seems to accept things for the way they are (seeing how the fact that they grew up like that) and won’t even budge to a new idea. The scholars believe they know everything about what there is to know about their profession and when Socrates questions them, they have nothing to say. The fact that there could be more to what we know or little to what we know. Its about willing to change, accepting, and keeping an open mind to all possibilities out there.

When the oracle said Socrates was the wisest man, I believe it meant to what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. The fact that Socrates does not acknowledged himself to be wise and looks for someone else. Those who are wise do not usually acknowledged themselves to be wise. Socrates is wise because he is willing to accept different ideas and all different possibilities. He is not afraid to challenge society nor willing to conform like most people have.

Scavenger Hunt


I thought the scavenger hunt was interesting because it was my first time doing a very intriguing outdoors activity at De Anza. Professor Berney could have just gave the class a lecture, but she used a different approach at trying to get the students to be creative. Not only was it fun, it required us to use our creativity and figure out a strategy to get to as many points as possible.

My group aimed for the nearest location to the classroom first and then to the next closest location. There were a few problems that I think every group faced, which was time and lack of knowledge about the campus. It seems like we had about a good 20 minutes to do the scavenger hunt. It took us awhile to walk to location to location and to talk about where to go next since most of us did not know where some of the buildings were. I don’t think there were really any solutions to our problems because we did use a map to find some of the buildings. However, standing around and looking at the map just wasted more time. If we had another chance to do the scavenger hunt again, another thing I would have done differently would have been to either split the group to cover more points on the list or to have thought out a better strategy.

The scavenger hunt was all about creativity. There was no logical order on how to begin to find the objects/places. You had to use your creativity and figure out how you wanted to begin and continue from there. What would be the fastest way? Most logical way? Easiest way? Along with creativity, it showed one thing about individuals: everyone is different.  Each person in the group had a different way of tackling the list and how we should go about it. As for society, a lot of people are actually willing to help other people out if approached in the correct manner. But at the same time, it feels like they have an obligation to help you out because they would feel bad if they said no.