Scavenger Hunt


I thought the scavenger hunt was interesting because it was my first time doing a very intriguing outdoors activity at De Anza. Professor Berney could have just gave the class a lecture, but she used a different approach at trying to get the students to be creative. Not only was it fun, it required us to use our creativity and figure out a strategy to get to as many points as possible.

My group aimed for the nearest location to the classroom first and then to the next closest location. There were a few problems that I think every group faced, which was time and lack of knowledge about the campus. It seems like we had about a good 20 minutes to do the scavenger hunt. It took us awhile to walk to location to location and to talk about where to go next since most of us did not know where some of the buildings were. I don’t think there were really any solutions to our problems because we did use a map to find some of the buildings. However, standing around and looking at the map just wasted more time. If we had another chance to do the scavenger hunt again, another thing I would have done differently would have been to either split the group to cover more points on the list or to have thought out a better strategy.

The scavenger hunt was all about creativity. There was no logical order on how to begin to find the objects/places. You had to use your creativity and figure out how you wanted to begin and continue from there. What would be the fastest way? Most logical way? Easiest way? Along with creativity, it showed one thing about individuals: everyone is different.  Each person in the group had a different way of tackling the list and how we should go about it. As for society, a lot of people are actually willing to help other people out if approached in the correct manner. But at the same time, it feels like they have an obligation to help you out because they would feel bad if they said no.


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