Pillow Book (EWRT2)

Entry 1: In My Year of Meats, there are a few references to abortions since Jane was pregnant with Sloan’s child and she considered aborting the baby.

“Ma, I have to tell you. I don’t know if I can keep the baby…” She shook her head. “You keep, you throw away. Always you do only what you want. Not thinking about other people. What his father say?” (157).

Sloan, for impregnating me so casually and wanting so little from me; and me, for wanting so much more and yet not even able to tell him I was pregnant (167).

“The bad news is — well, you’re remember that time in Fly, Oregon? Yeah, well, I didn’t think it could happen, but I’m pregnant… I know. I thought I was sterile too, believe me… I know… I know… I know… Well, I am sorry too, for what that’s worth. Far sorrier than you..  Yeah, well, that seems like the only sensible thing to do, right? I mean, I can’t really see us raising a kid in a Motel 6.. Yeah, well, I thought you’d agree… Also, I guess, I think we should kind of take a break, not see each other… Fine. And the last thing is the cost. I’ll send you a bill for your half…” (188).

The fetus was there, growing, but I had been unable to act, to make the call, to terminate. Now I had reached the twelve-week mark and was pushing the deadline for a safe abortion (189).

But more than that, I knew he would want me to abort, and I just didn’t want to hear him say the words “You’ll have an abortion, of course…,” as though it was a foregone conclusion. So when he did say it over, over the phone at jail, it confirmed how painfully little our relationship meant to him. But the odd thing was that I realized simultaneously and with shocking clarity that my pregnancy was no longer contingent upon him (190).


Entry 2: http://www.naral.org/


Entry 3: http://www.prochoice.org/


Entry 4: Emily, Christina, and I created a survey to get a better understanding of people’s views and thoughts on abortion.

1) Are you: Male or Female
2) Are you: Pro-choice or Pro-Life
3) The choice to have an abortion is:  the woman’s  |  the family’s  |  the government’s  |  the couple/husband
4) Does religion influence your views on abortion: Yes or No
If yes, what is your religion and what does it influence your views?
5) Optional: Do you or do you know anyone who has an abortion? How did it affect you?


Entry 5: Abortion & Common Sense by Ruth Dixon-Mueller & Paul K.B. Dagg


Entry 6: I believe that every woman should have the choice whether to abort their baby or not. Every woman has the right to make decision about her body. Therefore, I am pro-choice. If we let people and the government decide what we should do for us, where is the freedom? How much freedom do we have living in America that we cannot make choices about our lives and our bodies? If the government has the right to tell women that they need to keep their baby, what’s next? Regulations on when we can and cannot produce? When we can and cannot have sex? However, there is a limit to choice making. A woman should not be allowed to abort the baby after three months or more because by that time, the fetus has begun to develop into a baby.

There needs to be an agreement between both sides because having too much pro-life or pro-choice can tip the scale. Its all about finding that balance in between.


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